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FS, older model, yet in like-new shape, Patagonia pack vest. These retail now for $179. The current one is olive/beige. Mine is gray and royal navy blue. This model has the straps to hold a rod, and not a jacket like the current model. Works better for some. Selling it because I do not use it. It's have been in the closet for several years, maybe five. I use a fanny pack or a sling pack now and my Simms jacket.

$75 with shipping included. Even the Orvis zinger and snip goes with it...



I tried to attach some of my own images but "a security token" was missing, whatever that is. I can email anyone as you wish. the images above are from Patagonia. Again, 90% the same vest. Color on the one for sale is blue/gray and the pack has the straps for rods, not clothing.
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