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Outcast Pac 900. This boat is in excellent shape. No holes or punctures. Stored inside. Includes Transport wheel, Ore holders, Ore rights, Under seat anchor rope storage mesh. Built in anchor system and Anchor rope. Along with 3 Scottie mounting brackets. $800,,
Please PM

The PAC 900 is a size up from the PAC 800 and offers enhanced cargo room and stability for bigger water. This is not too big to be maneuvered by fin kicking, but not too small for overnight trips. Featuring heavy duty PVC, urethane bladders and a simple lightweight aluminum frame the PAC series boats are the best choice for anglers who want a boat to last for years to come.

The PAC 900 is for you if:
• ◦- You want a high-end 9' pontoon boat
◦- You love to fish rivers that have some rapids
◦- You like to fish lakes and reservoirs
◦- You like the feel of a pontoon boat with some rocker

Boat Specs
Inflated Size: 54" x 9'
Tube Diameter: 16"
Fabric: 1100 PVC
Material Weight: 24/27 oz/sq.yd.
AireCell Material: Urethane
Seam Construction: Welded
Valve Type: (2)Leafield B7
Weight: 54 lbs.
Load Capacity: 400 lbs.
Frame: 4-pc aluminum
Anchor System: Included
Oar Type: 7' 2-piece


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That's a nice looking set up. Wish I had the funds ...
Why is it that I am compelled to browse the classifieds when I am in no position to jump on deals like this :confused:
Good luck on your sale, should make someone very happy
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