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I'm surprised this rod has not sold. I've cast them with the Nextcast FF70 and FF55 8/9's and found it to be an awesome rod. I've also seen Simon Hsieh casting this setup and throwing darn near across the Clearwater with it.
I'm no where near Simon's casting level, but this rod throws some serious line. Not happy about selling it, but I have too many 8 weights.

The price on this and other US goods has gone up 5% for us Canucks since the post was put up...:Eyecrazy:

Very tempting but I have a few 15' rods in this line category already.

I take it by the looks of the handle Simon is custom wrapping each blank?
I don't know the details on this rod, other than I bought it late last year from Poppy. Rod is well done, with some nice accents.

Did I mention it was a cannon? ;)

Need to move this for future acquisitions, so I'm willing to consider offers.

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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