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I have one of the old green Airflo Delta Spey. It's rated as a 10/11 but it's pretty light at only 690 over 57'. In current terms, it's more of a 9/10 and would probably wrk fine on some of the more robust 8/9s. For example, my DTX 13' 8 wt. chucks this line without breaking a sweat.

The old Deltas had very thick running line, so I welded on 30lb. Airflo Salmo Tactical running line that is considerably thinner and lighter than the running line that it came with.

I left about 15' of the old running line in place at the end of the head to act as handling line. The small welding bump creates a holding spot that can be easily felt when retrieving line.

The line has been cut and welded for tips at the 15' mark. I've also welded a second set of loops at the 30' mark to create a line much like the old two tipped Windcutters. This second loop would work fine for casting long sinktips, or for use on a lighter rod with a heavy tip right off the end.

$40.00 shipped Canada and ConUS, Paypal only please.
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