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I have two LS2 rods I would like to sell -- a 1307-4 and a 1206-4. Both are factory-built and in excellent condition (darkened cork). I am not good with pictures and since pictures show only the most visible flaws, of which these rods have none, pictures really would not add anything to the decision-making process. The 1307 has a Scott tube (a few scratches on the tube, but no dents) and a Scott sock. The 1206 has a Scott sock, but is tubeless.

I am selling because there is a new rod and reel combination I want to buy and the sale of these two rods will cover about 60% of the cost of the new outfit.

LS2 1307-4 with Scott tube and Scott sock: $350 including shipping in the lower 48.

LS2 1206-4 with Scott sock, no tube: $280 including shipping in the lower 48.
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