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After much thought I've decided that these reels are better suited to bamboo rods than my graphite Burkies. I picked these up a few months ago from England as new old stock. Only the 4 1/4" has been on the water for a short test casting session without issue (still looks the same). The sound these reels make is so nice, I'd describe it as more a growl than a purr. And the quality and attention to detail are unmistakable. There are no scratches from wear but the 3 3/4" did sustain some cosmetic damage during shipment––by I assume a brass plaque from the leather case. I suspect that this plaque became loose during shipping. When I opened the case for the first time I noticed the loose metal plaque was resting on the reel. All the jostling that the box went through during the long shipment must've caused the plaque to break free and hit the reel a few times. The marks are minimal and cosmetic.

The set includes three reproduction 1912 Perfects (w/o line guards), a 3 3/4", 4" and 4 1/4", housed in a nice leather case (without key, wasn't included). These are bar stock aluminum reels, not cast like the originals. They are nearly 20 years old now. Comes with both long and short brass reel feet / legs.

Details: 3 ¾” Cap. DT-9 + 100 yd. Weight 12 oz.; 4” Cap. DT-10 +120 yd. Weight 12 7/8 oz; 4 ¼” Cap. DT-11 + 250 yd. Weight 14 1/4 oz

My price is $3200, cash sale preferred. I am willing to drive 300 miles for a meeting. I would be open to shipping if the buyer picked up the cost and PayPal fees.
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