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I have a GLoomis GLX FR 1388/9-3 11'6" rod for sale. I bought it new and it's in excellent condition - cork is a bit colored. Used for three weeks of steelheading in Northern BC. Moved onto different rods now and this one is too good to be sitting around. This is an 8/9wt switch rod that has tons of backbone and is capable of some very long casts. I've used an 8wt dry line on it or a 5/6wt Short Delta.

$375 USD and shipping. Located in south-central BC.

PM if you're interested or want some photos.


If you are interested in the rod but want a rod in new condition, remember Loomis has the expeditor program...you may want to check to see if this rod is covered by it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts