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I've decided to sell the rod to which I paired these lines. I've since deleted the rod/reel/line classified thread but will repost when I've taken more detailed photos (the Meiser Highlander CX 16' 7/8/9 and Lamson ARX 4+ are still available, however, and I will break them up for individual sale). For now, I'll sell the lines, beginning with the Gaelforces. All are in outstanding condition. Prices include stateside shipping, PayPal preferred.

1) Equalizer Extended Multi-Tip (EEMT) #8/9 body, 32' (designed to work with Rio 15' #9 Replacement Tips), w/ spool only $80 *Sold*

Integrated Line:
2) Equalizer 63' #8/9, with box and spool $100 *Sold*
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