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It's time to retire my first two hander. I purchased it used on this board in 2007 and its helped me land plenty of steelhead. It is not in pristine condition but it also doesn't have any structural problems. It is simply a well-used, well loved rod that would probably suit another new spey caster or someone who doesn't want to spend next month's rent on a new rod. The condition is what you would expect from a rod that has landed fish at the side of a rocky steelhead river.

This rod is considered a classic by some. I don't know about that but it works fine and casts skagit heads and heavier tips without too much effort.
If you want more information on this older rod including line recommendations, use the search function and look it up on this board.

I am asking $165 including shipping and insurance to the lower 48. Buyer must use Pay Pal.

Thanks for looking.
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