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All lines are heads only and both factor loops are still in place. Priced with shipping and PayPal fees included. Shipping is only in the lower 48.

Nextcast lines: $50
Zone FF-575gr (SOLD)
Zone F1-575gr (SOLD)

Airflo: $30 shipped
Skagit FIST- 450gr. (SOLD)
Skagit SCOUT- 480gr (SOLD)
Skagit Comp 2.0- 480gr (SOLD)
Rage Compact- 450gr (SOLD) and 540gr
Scandi Compact- 450gr (SOLD), 510gr and 540gr
Scandi Long- 540gr

Gaelforce: $35 shipped
Equalizer ESH 8#- 462gr (SOLD)

Rio:$30 shipped
Skagit Max Short- 475gr


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P/M sent on Nextcast line. If the Steelhead finder in the photo is included, I'll take it.
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