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For Sale is:

*1 ECHO3 Series 11' #7 Switch Rods -- this is a wicked little coho and summer run stick, that can also cover some light winter fishing that I have used approximately 6 times if that (Condition 9/10!).

and 3 Lines:
*1x 420gr Airflo Skagit Switch
*1x 450gr Airflo Skagit Compact
*1x WF7 Rio Scandi Short Versitip

The rod MSRP's for approx. 550$ before taxes but I'm willing to let it and the 3 lines go for 420$. This little setup will cover all your fishing requirements with the lines included. All you need is a reel, some running line and backing and you're good to go!

Available for pickup in Victoria, British Columbia but also very willing to ship.

Please PM or E-mail [email protected] if Interested.
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