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Early design of Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage
Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage with a spare tip.

The road was made in in 2013 and is more of a heavier wt.7. For example 480 gr Scandi floater is perfect.

Another option is Rio Scandi wt.7 body 370 gr + 90 gr wt. 7 tip. This rod has similar taper to newer 8139-4 ( a solid wt. 8 rod)

The rod was lightly used with no visible scratches.

I mostly fish a newer 8139-4, designed in early 2015, which is a solid wt. 8 rod and with a number of other CFB rods I own, the above rod is rarely used.

Price $ 695, delivered by insured USPS



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