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Selling one of my CND Blacks. This Black Spey is 14'0", an 8/9/10 weight, 4-piece rod. I've fished it a couple times, so the grip shows very, very light use. There are also a couple tiny water marks (or oxidation spots) of about 1/16-1/32 inch on the reel seat where the reel foot makes contact w/ the seat. Visual only.

Otherwise, it's a beauty. No nicks or problems with the graphite or finish, which appears like new. I've used a CNG GPS line with it--a great & strong caster.

Comes with nice, hard black rod case with built in sectional slots, original to the rod. Tube length = 46 1/2 inches.

Photos furnished upon request. $205, plus $15 shipping within the US. Add $10 for insured shipping to Canada. PayPal only on this, please. If interested, contact me directly at [email protected]. No PMs, please!
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