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FS: *ROD IS SOLD, Thank You!* CF Burkheimer 8142-4; 14' 2", 4pc. 8wt. spey rod. The rod is for all practical purposes as new, having been used for about 2 1/2 days on one trip. Just a bare hint of cork soiling. It is in Kerry's translucent black blank, with a beautiful wood insert (I believe cocobolo) and nickel silver hardware. The "Vintage" model is his top of the line, and you won't find a more tasteful refined look to a rod. If I didn't have another 8 wt. Burkie it wouldn't enter my mind to ever sell it.

This is one of the world's premier spey rods, listing for $1075.00. You can save a bunch with no wait for essentially an as-new rod.

$799.00 plus $15.00 to help with shipping via Priority Mail to US.

Please ask any questions you have, but the first "I'll take it" will get the rod.

MO or PayPal ok.

Send PM or email to: [email protected] (remove the XXX)




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