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Sad day but gotta let her go. I bought this rod in 2013, visited the Burkheimer factory, talked with Kerry, picked out all my materials and picked a custom scribe. It's beautiful. So beautiful I didn't want to use it. That combined with a new kid and job and its only been fished maybe 4 times and put 2 steelies on the bank. If you know this rod then you know what it is capable of. This rod will rocket HEAVY flies and 12' tips a mile with at 540 Scagit in tight quarters. I'll include an Airflow 540 Scagit switch with it as it's a money line and I won't use it.

The rod itself is flawless on the blank, guides, knock and real seat. I cleaned it the other day and couldn't find a blemish. There are no nicks, scratches or scuffs that I could find on the real seat, no cuts or nicks on the cork. There is a bit of soiling. Thats it. This rod is money. The scribe reads "Great Day" and you will have many with this stick.

$900 obo


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