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Burkheimer 7133 - one of the best all-round steelhead spey rods made. I purchased this rod last spring in barely used condition another forum member (back-up rod). I immediately sent it to Burkheimer and had a second tip made ($212).

The rod is in very good condition, just the normal wear you'd expect based on it's less than 10 total outings except for a couple ugly scuffs on the mid and one tip section. The scuffs are shallow, just in the clear coat but they are ugly. I'm confident they are only cosmetic, but if the buyer feels I have misrepresented the rod, I'm happy to take it back after inspection. I have posted close up photos taken under my bright flytying light to show the scuffs.

Other things to note - there is a very slight color shift in the green of the blank in the center section. Nate K. at Burkheimer saw it when it was back with them for the second tip and assured me it was cosmetic but still offered to replace it if I wanted (I can forward the email if needed). I declined as the last thing I want is graphite in a landfill because of something I can only see under a bright light and barely even then. Also, the new tip seems slightly beefier than the original but I can't tell a difference when casting.

This is the Classic model and does not have a name inscribed. List price is $895 plus the $212 second tip so roughly $1,100 retail. I will include a Rio Skagit Flight 550gr ($50) and the Harding case ($94) shown below.

Firm price is $600 shipped in the CONUS, add $25 for Canada. PayPal only.


Would be willing to trade for a MkV or MkVI 4" Salmon Bougle (English production only). No other trades considered.

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