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For Sale.
A well cared for custom spey rod built on the Beulah Classic 12' 7" 7/8 blank. I am the original owner. This is my first of many spey rods and the one I learned on.
Has great mojo and has been well introduce to steelhead!
Includes a custom rod sock and a Beulah Elixer scandi full line made for and used on this rod. Line is cut and loop spliced so the tip can exchanged with sink tips. Has a floating poly tip. Sorry no rod case.
Condition about 90% of new and has feather inlays
Why selling? Bought myself a Burkheimer blank to upgrade to.
Selling for $200 and will ship anywhere in USA for $10. I have a Pay-pal account and will also accept money order or cashiers check.
Attching pictures so hope they upload.

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