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FS: Another pile of lines

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FS: Several spey lines that need new homes

Still cleaning out the line shelf. I've sold the rods that were used with these lines so here's you chance to send me $ so I can buy more lines!!!

All prices include shipping to the CONUS

* Beulah Elixir scandi 6/7 (old style) 400gr. and 31'. Cast once for about 10 min. Comes with box and spool. $25

* Beulah Tonic skagit 6/7 switch (old style) 350gr. 22.5'. Cast one afternoon. Comes with box and spool. $25 SPF

* Beulah Tonic skagit 6/7 (old style) 450gr. and 24'. Cast once for about 10 min. Comes with box and spool. $25 SPF

--For those of you who have never used Beulah lines they are really nice--

* Rio Skagit 450. Not sure which model but it's bright yellow with a black tip loop. Worked well on a T&T 1266-4. Good condition. $20

* Rio Skagit 550. This one is also bright yellow, 26' or 27' long with loops on both ends. This one looks to have very little taper to it. Good condition $20

* Ballistic Express scandi 6/7. 410gr. and 36'. Cast twice. Come in the original container. $35

* Airflo Delta 9/10 full floater. This is the recently departed mint green model. NIB. This line has never been off the spool. Comes with box and spool. $62

* Airflo Scandi Compact 7/8. 450gr. and 33'. This is the creme colored model and has a little orange stain from a ridge running line. Good condition, used about 8 days. Comes with spool but no box. $28

Dig deep boys, I need another stick and some more lines.

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bump for timely christmas shopping
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