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RIO Skagit Short Head
625-grains, 20-feet.
Brand new on spool and in box!!!! Never spooled or cast. Line is in great shape; just have more than one and looking for a different grainage.
Green version.
$25, (Paypal).
FREE SHIPPING, to CONUS, (international buyers must pay shipping).

FREE SHIPPING!!! To CONUS...international will have to pay shipping.

RIO Scandi
9/10 AFS, 580 grains.
Comes on spool and box, never fished or cast.
$45, (Paypal).

RIO AFS Outbound
8/9F, 520 grains.
Head is 38 feet long, (just shooting head version). Older yellow packaging.
$45, (Paypal).

Will consider trades for good quality heads. Currently looking for:

- Airflo Skagit Compact Int. (420/450/480 or 540)

- OPST Comando heads (225/ 450 or 475).

- IMOW tips, (5ft Int/5ft T-11 or 2.5ft Int/7.5ft T-11)
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