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I am forced to sell this.It is perfect for the Truckee .
My Meiser 4511 is my main rod and Iºm keeping it...
and a Sage 590 for dry flies...itºs sloppy anyway.
The 1173 is a trout rod and as high'sticker par excellance.
The extended drift length is impressive.

So,I took my time on this one and it shows.Ther4e is still time for an inscrtion or something if you want one.
Of course,it is not ART like Gary Andersonºs rods or Bob Meisers.
I used similar components but I wonºt attempt compete with these masters.
If you can afford them,I would recommend them highly, just like everyone else around here.
The are our Gurus and the best I can do is the best I can do.
I have plenty of time this Winter and an Alps machine to pay for...plus
Xmas is upon us...Iºll post photos later tonight...

BTW,no UV glue was used on trhis rod...
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