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For your consideration is this 8' 3/2 inspired by the famous PHY Perfectionist taper. This is a rod that was made a long time ago, in a land far, far away. Ops.. That's from a movie.

Back to the story. This is a rod from my period of fascination with parabolic type rods, about 15/20 years ago. This rod was inspired by the infamous PHY Perfectionist, although I made this rod at 8ft and as a three piece rod. Several forum members have other versions of this taper in possession.

Specs for the rod:
8' 3pc
3.95 oz
Characteristic fuller flexing taper, handles 5 and/or 6 wt lines.
Will load off tip for close dry fly work, stronger mid section will allow smooth deeper flexing long casts with engagement of lower section of rod. Has a slight swell of taper in front of grip. I prefer a 5wt DT, your mileage may vary.
Truncated Swiss ferrules.
Black hardware/snakes
Translucent tan wraps.
6" grip with cork reel seat.

Custom rod sock, and black foam core tube.

Why am I selling? This is one of several excess rods that I have in my inventory, that deserve to be fished. I have a lit more stuff than time to fish these days.

Asking $sold, delivered CONUS.

Thanks for looking,
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