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Moving to Hawaii and selling some of my favorite gear sadly

Email me for pictures if interested - [email protected]

$525 15' MKS 8/9 - long line launcher - with ballistic vector xl and winter authority 55 plus dry and sink tips.
$475 13'6" highlander s 8 - olympic peninsula winter stick - with airflo skagit intermediate and winter authority 45
$475 13' highlander s 6 - perfect for deschutes - with ballistic vector and goshall custom cut scandi
$450 11'9" highander classic 4 - trout spey - with goshall custom cut scandi

Speyco Reels loaded with fresh backing and OPST running line

$400 4.25" river spey brushed matte black with brass fittings
$400 4" skagit brushed aluminum bone handle
$400 3" river spey brushed matte face plate
400 4" scandi polished faceplate, snakeroll handle

Prices dont include shipping
Paypal is best

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Is MKS still available ?
Hum. He may not be watching this any more. Since I happen to know he DID sell the 15' MKS :) it would not be out of the question that he also sold the rest, but did not edit the post to reflect this. Perhaps you should try an email. At any rate, I found him to be a very good person to interact with.
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