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I posted this in the other thread but thought I should also have my own posting. Note - I can respond to questions through early Saturday AM but after that I will be out of town until Monday evening.

I have a red agate 3 7/8" Perfect with a 1912 check that I plan on selling soon. It is in great condition but it's a 'user' reel not a collectible for the following reasons:

1) Brand new Archuleta foot (cost $285). Previous owner filed the foot so much that it was unusable on any of my spey rods so I had Bill make a new one.

2) When I purchased the reel, the retaining screw head was broken off with the stud still in the spindle. When Arch got into the reel, he found that some previous owner had actually rethreaded the spindle to standard left-hand threading. My guess is that some later person did not know this and tried to turn the screw in the normal Hardy/British right hand direction and broke off the head. Arch cleaned it up and fabricated a new screw but it's still threaded opposite from normal.

3) There are a couple hairline cracks in the agate but they appear completely stable at this point.

Otherwise, it is a rock solid, amazing looking reel. It has a very strong check and line capacity suitable for summer-run steelhead.

I would like to sell the reel for $950 shipped in the CONUS. If you are interested, let me know and we can talk. I'm headed out of town for a few days tomorrow. I plan to list it on eBay late next week but would be happy to strike a deal with a form member instead.

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