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I have a scarce 3-1/4” Hardy wide drum Perfect fly reel for sale. The reel has a nickel silver line guard, ribbed brass foot and Ebonite handle. The check is Hardy’s Duplicated Mark II intended for right hand retrieve. The winding plate is stamped MADE BY HARDY BROS LTD THE “PERFECT” FLY REEL DUPLICATED MARK II SIZE 3 ¼”. The back of the winding plate is stamped JS – Jimmy Smith’s mark who was with Hardy’s from 1908 to 1960. As is typical for a Jimmy Smith reel, this one runs very well.

The reel is in excellent mechanical condition. The spool spins freely without any wobble or hesitation and the check functions exactly as intended. The handle spins correctly and the foot is full length which is 2-3/8", straight and unaltered. There are no chips or cracks, hairline or otherwise, and no signs of previous repairs. And the spool remains nearly free of any old line dressing residue.

I’m asking $1,125 for the reel postage to the lower 48 included. PayPal only please and I’ll pay their fees. Cash offers considered.

PM if interested.


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