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FS: 3-1/2" Hardy Uniqua Wide Drum, Regulated Mark II, Rare Bullet Foot, c. 1930's


3-1/2" Hardy Uniqua Wide Drum Reel, Regulated Mark II Check, Rare Bullet Foot, circa 1930's


I have a very fine 3-1/2" Hardy Uniqua wide drum reel for sale. The reel likely dates from the 1930's. It features an adjustable Duplicated Mark II check with a rim mounted regulator screw and spare spring & pawl. There is an Ebonite handle and telephone type spool latch. On the check plate, there is a badge that notes the reel was made for a shop in New Zealand, W. H. Tisdall, LTD. The badge does not interfere with the operation of the second pawl should it be engaged.

The reel also has an unusual Hardy ribbed brass 'bullet' foot, uncommon on a Uniqua. Its 3" long but probably is the equivalent of a 2-3/4" long foot given the tapered ends of the foot. I would expect the reel's foot will fit most any mounting hardware - even that on modern rods.

The reel is in excellent condition, free from any damage or mechanical issues. The spool spins freely, without any wobble or end lay. The check works as it should. And, as the photos show, almost all of the original leaded finish remains.

I'm asking $495 for the reel plus $4 postage to the lower 48. PayPal only please and I'll pay their fees. Postage & fees elsewhere at by mutual agreement.

PM if interested.


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