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FS: 2x Sage 7136's; one Graphite III (brown) and Graphite IIIe (green) *Price drop

For sale:

$300 - Sage 7136 Graphite IIIe (green) seasoned cork but functionally great. Original matching rod tube and sock.

SOLD $275 - Sage 7136 Graphite III (brown) cleaner cork then the green, but I believe non factory bottom grip. I believe non-matching rod tube to this rod (but is a Sage 7136 tube) and non factory sock.

Sales to USA and Canada only. Prices include shipping to USA and Canada. I can do Paypal or will accept USPS money order. More pics in the folder at Photobucket. Please send IM or email through Spey Pages. I do work long hours and odd shifts and will check in here 1x a day so please be patient.

ETA price drop
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