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:tsk_tsk: from time-to-time various unpaid ads appear here on the clave, and I would respectfully ask the few people who do use this site in this way to consider the potential impact this can have on the clave, as well as on your reputation. I let a lot of things slide here as far as references to this shop or that line or this rod or that reel etc, and I don't want to squelch any discussion providing it is informationally based and not obviously intended to push something. If you'd like to advertise with us, please contact us directly and we'd be happy to set something up for you. If you are involved with tackle companies or shops, speak with them about taking out an ad with us. If you feel that an event, product or service you are involved with doesn't fit within the parameters of paid advertising, contact us directly and seek permission first before you post something on the board. If we approach things in this fashion we can keep the clave alive through advertising support and the free and open exchange of information that we are known for.:)
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