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Free-style Mixer Thing

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Hey gang,
Just been enjoying a little time at the vice.......really been liking the mixed-wing thing these days. Dig how they look and swim in the flows. Trying something different with this one. The old mustads i have have a gape that is a bit big for me, so I thought an easy economical option to try was cut back an aj blind eye and try that as a platform. Thought it turned out all right....good enough for a fisher.
A couple components could have worked out better....the body hackle looked good when I picked it out, but when I wrapped it up it turned out to be a bit long. I compensated at the collar with teal and jay, so it ended up a bit too full. Might be a bit too much fluff in the wing as well, it's pretty thick.
Please let me know what the experts think.
Again, a crappy pic, but hopefully the details of the thing can picked though.




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Great tying, Dustin! Very nice, indeed!!

I don't worry so much about overly full hackle in a fishing fly, as there are so many ways to get one down to whatever depth you need- heavy wire hooks, skagits with tips, scandis with sinking poly's, etc. I actually like a full fly for more of a robust, fish taking profile!

No expert I just think it's a nice looking fly. never tried a mixed wing but I have some married wings that turned out that way - :roll eyes:

I like the colors of this one.
First thing I thought is "that would have looked good on one of my old Mustads" haha I get what you mean about fishing though. I personally would have left the topping off but that is an individual view thing. Overall I really like this one! A lot!

Thanks gang......took a second look and a bit of a modification, just for giggles. Looks good this way too, maybe a tad better. Less busy anyways.




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Attempt 2 gets the proportions better for the hook choice, and that tail is really stunning! But I'd bend that old hook's gape in a bit and use that, I think this is the wrong hook for a mixer.

great tying though, those are not easy at all. thanks for sharing them.
Number Two better by long Shot. I agree With Matt not The right hooks to Tie a mixer To get the "right" look

keep at It good Stuff
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