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I got my new Sage 5120 yesterday, and I tried my WC 5/6 floating line with it. My experience was disappointing. The WC 5/6 floater couldn't handle Rio's 15' steelhead leader and a medium fly. Even with a 10' leader, I could barely exceed 50'. My casts just ran out of energy and collapsed. :(

Fortunately Simon posted his new Spey Line recommendations on the internet yesterday. Besides the WC 5/6, Simon recommended the WC 678 and MS 6/7 for the little Sage 5120 in his new recommendations.

This morning I broke out my old MS 6/7 floater and put it on a reel.

Now comes the Frankenstein bit: I couldn't find my tip 2 of my WC 678. So I substituted my MS 7/8 tip two and the floating tip one. I put this disjointed critter on a reel with a 15' Rio Steelhead leader and 2' of tippet. :saeek:

Now for the final Frankenstein. Rio doesn't make a Skagit 350 grain line. So I took my 678 Upgrade, and attached to 36' of some shooting line and attached this a reel with running line. Then, I attached Rio's 12 sinking leader, rated at 7 " per second. :saeek:

This afternoon this old, terrible caster with a recently torn right bicep went to his local river, the Napa River to try these FrankenStein alternatives. The wind was swirling from 10 to 25 mph, as usual there was a tidal influence, there is no wading and no place to form a D loop behind you. :Eyecrazy:

With the non Frankenstein line, the MS 6/7 floater was putting out the line 50 to 65' with no problem. I was getting the same distance that I get with my 7136 with that MS 6/7 floater with a very delicate touch.

Next up was the Frankenstein WC 678 with the MS 7/8 tip 1 and 2. I was able to get out 60 to 80' with double spey, snake rolls, Andy Murray's roll casts and Perry Pokes in spite of the wind and poor casting conditions.

The next Frankenstein Monster, my 678 WC upgrade, 12' of sinking leader, 2' of tippet and my left over 36' of shooting line. The little trout rod was able to semi Skagit, the 14' of sinking leader and tippet, the 30' of WC upgrade, and 12 to 24' of the leftover shooting line. With minimal effort the little 5120, was getting out 56 to 68' of shooting line, Upgrade, sinking leader and tippet. Not bad for a little trout rod.

By this time the wind had increased and my torn bicep was aching so I wrapped up the Frankenstein line casting with the little Sage 5120. ;)
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