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Okay, so with all the Covid and what have things got seriously delayed! Here is the scoop on where I am at right now:

This Friday 1/15/21 Availability will be:
•Marble Fox
*banana - SOLD OUT
* Chartruese - SOLD OUT
* silver - SOLD OUT
* purple - SOLD OUT
* KF blue - SOLD OUT

THANKS GUYS! That went fast! All payments are pending right now, but I have no doubt it’s a go. For all of you that ordered I’m subbing a primo quality black marble so I can ship to you now 😉

I will keep everyone posted on the silver fox when it arrives!
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I'll take one of each color, but will wait for the black silver fox to come in so you can send all at the same time.
If you need payment for all up front to secure the quantities, just PM me.
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