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I have a package deal available of classic fly tying material
6 Necks; Some have been slightly used
10 Polar bear; Died and white
9 rolls of silk
Tinsel- Very Rare, Hard to find, Not **** you find at the store,
Twisted, flat, embossed and such
6 gold
4 Silver
Turkey tails; 7 pair, 1 center, and 1 pair of white peacock support feathers
Mis. White and Blue eared pheasant with some dyed white eared
Cheeking Material
Pintail Flank
Bronze Mallard
Orange Tanager
Terqoise Tanager ( Great Chatinga Sub)
Blue and Gold Macaw center tail
Cobblers wax
Box of chestertowns
9- 3/O long D Harrison bartleets
13 other various blind eyes 1/O- 5/O
5 ring-eyed 4/O
6 ring- eyed 2/0
Mo-hair and Berlin wool
12 pkgs. Mo- Hair
10 used Berlin Wool
Seal Fur
13 bags- various colors
More Feathers
Gray Peacock pheasant (about 50)
2 Indian crow sub
blue headed honey sucker
yellow legged creeper
Yellow pheasant premium crest
Corry Covert
Great Argus pheasant neck clump
More Cheeking
2 Speckled Corry tail coverts
Speckled corry used wing
Florican Bustard pair
Bankasin Cockatu sub (used)
New JC cape (few splits)
2 Jay wings
1 pr. Macaw coverts
Various prs. Tucan
Pr Mearns Quial
Crested, Black, and Cape Franklin feathers
3 bags Rooster Coque Dyed
2 pr. Scarlet Ibis
Blue Sm. Macaw coverts
Orange Sm. Macaw Coverts
3 pr. Bulturing Guinea
Purple Bronze Mallard
2 pr. Shoveler duck feathers
Bag loose Amgold tippet and a sm. clump of amgold crest.

I am asking $450 or best offer plus $15 s&h.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts