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For sale: three great wet fly rods. Paypal transaction preferred.

1. Hardy Zenith (2nd Generation) 10' 3wt rod: brand new never used, comes with warranty card and everything original. A great rod to swing soft hackles in small to medium rivers/creeks. Very sensitive and responsive rod. works well with dynamic roll casting and single hand spey casting. $425 shipped to Con USA.

2. Greys Streamflex XF2 10' 4WT: used but in very good working condition. Again, a great rod for wet flies and soft hackles in small to medium rivers/streams. Also, fished dry flies very well. protects light tippet amazingly well. $160 shipped to Con USA

3. Hardy Marksman 10' 5 wt: almost new condition. Comes with three different butt sections. The largest extension/section is about 3" long and you can use this like the bottom hand of a spey rod. The other two are a fighting butt section, and a regular nickle silver butt section. This is a river drifter rod. Hardy was ahead of its time with this rod. I think this is an early concept of a micro spey. You can swing a soft hackle or a winged wet like the silver invicta with this rod in medium to large rivers. You can even fish a light poly leader got the flies down. A very capable rod and spey casts well with a Airflo 40+ line. $385 Shipped to Con USA.


4. Cortland STH reel (4-5wt): Brand new never used. this is a cassette reel. Price: $45 shipped to Con USA.

5. Cortland Mosquito Medium (5-6WT): slightly used. Comes with a 5wt line and 150 yards of 20lb backing. $45 shipped to Con USA.

6. Cortland Made Click and Pawl Reel (has a different company name on it): can go on a switch or 4-5 wt spey rod. I have a SGS 420 grain intermediate head (33') on this reel. You can have both for a total of $65 or you can have the reel for $40 shipped.
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