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Response to video

I watched the video and it was fascinating on so many levels. I thus wrote a letter to Dr. Montgomery with the following words:

Hello David, I just finished your video King of Fish that was presented at the SW Oregon Community College, recorded on Feb 2012. I was referred to this video via a posting on Speypages, a two handed fly rod forum, from a forum member.

Thanks for the correlative examples that points largely to the Harvesting and Habitat factors of the 4 H's (hydrodams and hatchery being the other two factors). It is very interesting that the return of the Salmon is not a modern day problem, but one that has grappled the conscience of the minds keen on sustainability as far back as the year 1100 or so.

Your presentation was clean and clear, and drives home the message well. Thank you.

I sense your earnestness in saving the Salmon and I was wondering if you would consider this possibility hereon:

What if the H's of the 4H's are spokes that radiate from a common hub? What if our inability to largely stem or reverse the 4H's is because we are trying to solve the problem at these spokes than at the hub*?

Personally, I view these 4H's as spokes pointing to a common source problem, which is our ego self has the penchant to divorce itself from the interconnectedness to its surroundings. It achieves this via indifference, objectification via means to an end, or viewing anything inconvenient as obstacles or worse still enemy.

An example of our ego self's can be seen when driving. When we become familiar with a route, we are often indifferent to our environs. When we have a place to go, the road becomes a means to an end. When we are late, every car that slows us down becomes an obstacle. When we perceive an obstacle is deliberately slowing us down, that car becomes an enemy. We are not only blinded by this form of imputed self importance, but we have various cognitive tricks to ensure we don't topple it.

And I believe that these cognitive tricks play out in the 4H's.

We persists with Hatchery fishery so we can confuse ourselves to believe this form of feeble stewardship absolves our ruin, or even worse transform this form ruin to a new age stewardship as a way to paper over the winching symptoms.

We persists with Hydrodams so we can confuse ourselves to believe enacting our right at the top of the food chain must mean it is right. But it cannot automatically be right when it is only right for us only.

We persists with Habitat Destruction so we can confuse ourselves to believe our civilization is an enlightened benefactor whereby our welfare trickles down to those that support us.

We persists with unsustainable Harvesting so we can confuse ourselves that we live in a mysterious and self recoverable world that can rebound from our ruin, but in actuality we are using ignorance and false attribution to maintain our hubris.

And thus, before we can have an external revolution, such as saving Salmon, we must also have an internal revolution, one that is cognizant of our mind traps.

For I, and I suspect you as well, rather keep the 'Act of Sisyphus' as a myth than to experience it as an existential reality.

Thanks your for your great work, and I hope you have the bandwidth to consider this to augment your work.

* Einstein says it best with 'We cannot solve the problem from the level it was created'​
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