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A few for you to start on.

Willie Gunn
Munro Killer
Pot-bellied Pig
Thunder & Lightening
Black and Yellow
Silver Stoat

The above on various tubes and hooks should cover most eventualities.

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Still havn't managed to get photos onto a post. May be Willie Gunn will be able to put one on.

The pattern is very easy and similar to the cascsade.

Tail - a mixture of purple,yellow and orange bucktail with some flashy strands mixed in.

Rear half of body - Pearl tinsel.

Front half of body - purple floss.

Rib - oval silver tinsel

Hackles - one - two turns of yellow, followed with two turns of orange

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Tay flies

Fishingd0 has provided sound advice on the popular April/May patterns for the River Tay.
My regulars for the Tay in April/May are the Cascade, Willie Gunn, Tosh and Allys.
Water temperature and height affect what type of fly I use, eg double, tube, Waddington. Often early in the season you need to get down to the fish and to fish slow. Be prepared to spin as well.
If you are fishing a beat with a ghillie, he will keep you right on what to use and no doubt he will have a secret weapon which you might be able to tease out of him if you play your cards right.
Obviously the fish need to be in the mood otherwise your best creations will have an easy time of it!
Good luck!
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