Lot #1
Caddis plastic boxes. Ripple foam on one side, flat on other. Five large, two small. One of each slightly used. $30 for all, shipped to States.

Lot #2
Two large Perrine boxes with clips, two small. One large one has a lot of marginal trout flies. $30 for all shipped to States.

Lot #3
Three trout fly boxes unused. Anglers Image, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Scientific Angler, waterproof. $20 for all shipped.

Lot #4
HMH tube fly box. Large C&F Design waterproof box. $25 shipped to States.

$80 for all four lots.BB8AB4E9-6CCF-43C4-BC40-CD790349FEFB.jpegC5371AF1-C8EC-44BF-AFB9-0CC2B7D33052.jpeg63DF631A-7ADD-4472-A807-695ECBBEB54A.jpeg3BA8E424-5D1E-45F5-946A-C75544E47250.jpeg