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$70 shipped for this lot.

UTC 140 denier
3 spools of black
3 spools of white

UTC 70 denier
2 spools of black
2 spools of white
1 spool of red
1 spool of fl. fire orange

Lagurtun mini flat braid in silver, gold, cooper

Lagurtun flat tinsel, all new
2 x small gold
2 x med gold
2 x lrg gold
3 x small silver
2 x lrg silver

A big lot of UNI floss, very little use

16 spools of UNI mylar holographic

Almost 70 spools of goodness, ill price it $1 a piece for $70 shipped. Lagurtun alone is $8 per spool... Steal deal. Paypal only.


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Darn, I wish I had gotten on the forum earlier, I'd have snapped this up. If either of the others fall through let me know and I'm all over it.
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