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Thanks everyone who left comments. You have all boosted Trillum's confidence in fly tying. Much obliged.

It鈥檚 cool to see a girl as young as Trillium being as into fly fishing and fly tying. I can鈥檛 help but imagine the skill set and knowledge base she will have a couple decades down the road. Regardless of that, it鈥檚 still cool to see her going after it, and already tying some sweet flies too!

Keep it up Trillium, the fish will come; and when they do it will feel so special! I think a lot of us are just jealous that we weren鈥檛 doing what you are at 10. Oh, and btw, my wife immediately noticed the yellow hackle and gave a big double thumbs up! She catches her fair share of steelhead, and is also quite an artist, so I figure she knows a thing or two about colors.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts