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I took Derek Brown's three day course on the Deschutes this fall and he taught two casts appropriate for close-to-the-bank situations - The square-cut and the double-roll casts.

He spent the most time on the square-cut. Since the square cut is described elsewhere in this thread. I'll only add that Derek initiates the cast by lifting up and toward the bank (about 1 meter). This is probably what permits one to get the anchor set further away from the bank than a classical single spey.

As for the double-roll cast, he only demo'd the cast and we didn't really have time to practice it. However, when Derek demo'd the cast, he backed right up into the bushes and launched the cast about 75 feet. Beautiful.

What I remember of the cast is probably not enough to enable someone to execute it. But I'll write down the steps and maybe it will trigger someone with more experience who can describe the double roll more precisely:

(1) From the dangle, execute the first part of a double spey (except don't cast your fly, just lay the line down on the water - With a 15 ft rod, this simply brings the fly 15 ft closer to you).
(2) Execute a backhand roll cast with a reach move, i.e., a classical reach cast. When Derek did this the fly and the line moved out into midstream about 45 degrees to the current.
(3) Switch hands and execute another roll cast. If you need a greater angle, put a reach into the second roll cast.


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