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I would like to now if a fly rod (sage 8 wt) is the same as a single spey rod (sage 8 wt). My question is; I'm going on a trip and have to limit my gear, could I use my fly rod (sage 8 wt 9'6") with a windcutter 9 wt line on an extra spool for single hand spey casting. or would this just not work, fighting my self wile fishing wasting my time. I would like to bring all of my rods and reels but I can't, so I trying to fine out which rods and reels to combo up on. To fly fish (Dry) and spey fish (Streamers) (((this maybe a bit heavy for where I'm going, so: same question only with a 6 wt fly rod/spey rod))) NO NOT THE SAME LINE BUT A 7 WT LINE ON THE 6 Wt Rod. The Real Question is does spey line work on a fly rod. Thank you for any input.

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The Real Question is does spey line work on a fly rod. Thank you for any input.
It possibly could but most likely would not. A 9wt spey line will be much to heavy for your Sage 8wt.

I would use the line/lines you already have. Your normal single hand line will work for single hand spey casting. You may or may not want to go up a line size. The single hand lines with a little longer (steelhead taper) front taper also work nicely. Same deal for your 6wt.
As in all things spey a little experimenting to see "what works for you" might be a good idea before you embark on your journey.

You could try a DT line that matches your rod. Fact is you can use Spey casting techniques with 9 foot rods, and DT lines are probably the best lines to use. In salt water long hear WF's do work. MaxG.

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Ref Chart

The attached table is a quick comparison chart.

Looking at the WC 5/6 - 365/54.5x30= 200.9 grains

365 is the head weight, in grains, of the WC
54.5 is head length in ft. of the the WC
30 is the standard head length of a single handed fly line.
An 8wt single handed line weight (industry standard, as I understand it) is 210 grains (+ or - 8 grains). So the first 30 ft of a WC is equal to 201 grains or 1 grain below the 202 min for an 8wt single.

Another way to look at is: Taking our WC 5/6 example, if you want to cast with the entire 54.5ft outside the tip of your single handed rod than the 365 grain WC is roughly equal to a 12wt single handed line.

Mfg - Line - Grains - Head Lngth(ft)- Single Equiv
Rio - WC 5/6 - 365 - 54.5 - 8 light
Rio - WC 6/7/8 - 455 - 54.5 - 9 wt
Rio - WC 7/8/9 - 525 - 54.5 - 10 wt
Rio - WC 8/9/10 - 585 - 54.5 - 11 wt
Rio - WC 9/10/11 - 650 - 54.5 - 12 light
Rio - WC 10/11/12 - 740 - 54.5
Rio - WC 11/12/13 - 900 - 54.5

Hope this gives you a reference point for making your decision.

If anybody has any different stats or another way of looking at this comparison, I'd like to hear about it.

Jim T
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