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Here we go again! I seem to just keep gathering boxes of flies, and since I’m not going to stop tying I thought I would sell a few!

Going to sell them at $2.50 per Fly. I have a lot of tube flies, intruder style flies, temple Dog style, micro trout intruder stuff, wooly bugger stuff, etc etc

Most look pretty good, but I will note that a lot of my temple dogs/hairwings were me learning to get a nice taper. They all will fish well, I won’t send anything that I wouldn’t fish.

I’m not sure if I could post enough pics, but if for any reason you weren’t happy I would just refund you. You could go through some of my posts and gather an idea though.

These aren’t perfect flies! Though some aren’t half bad. I just probably won’t fish them and want them to find a good home.

I’m not sure how many I have, a few hundred maybe??!! Don’t know, haven’t counted.

Call me, text me, message me, PM me, whatever works for you.....I’m easy. No minimum, no maximum, no worries. Shipping $5. I’ll eat PayPal fees

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