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Floating the Deschutes from Maupin

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Would anyone care to recommend a good one-day float (for steelhead) on some section of the Deschutes below Maupin?

I'll be using an 8 ft pontoon boat and I'll probably be alone unless I can hook up with someone.

Thanks, in advance,



P.S. I'm taking a 3 day spey course from Derek Brown and hope to use this fourth day as a day to bring it all together.
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Luvto spey

I'd plan on floating the six miles from beavertail campground to Max canyon. There is at least one spot you'll want to walk around. Stay close to the edges unless your crossing the river and you'll be ok.
Although it is illegal a lot of people put in their pontoon boats whereever they feel like it. I do not recommend doing that. Put it at a designated launch. Also do not forget your deschutes river Boaters pass and wear your PFD.
Tight Lines

Is it illegal for the float tubers near the mouth to launch where ever they like? Do they require a boaters pass? How is the area North of Deschutes looking I'm pretty sure you know where I mean?

If you're asking about the area near the Columbia River, which is the mouth of the Deshutes, that area is closed to float tubers when motorboats are allowed. I was there last week (and got my first steelhead of the season) motorboats were running the river, and no one was in the river in float tubes. I would guess that Oregon Fish and Game could probably give you the dates when you are officially allowed to float tube
Thanks, everyone. I'll post a report letting you know what and how I did.


Fishing from a Floating Device

One more caution about float tubing: you must be standing when fishing, i.e., you can't be bobbing along casting to the fish. Deschutes regulations specify no fishing from a floating device, which, of course, includes tubes. So, bob out to the ledge or whatever, and then stand on the bottom. If you were a real Boy or Girl Scout, you'd climb out of your tube before fishing -- most people do, in places where it isn't dangerous to do so.

I realise everyone who fishes the river regularly knows this, but someone new might be contemplating a trip, and this rule is worth knowing about.

As far as I know, you are required to have a valid Boater's Pass wherever and whenever you are on the Deschutes between Pelton Dam and the Columbia. Boats lauching at Heritage Landing to fish the Columbia are required to have Boater's Passes because the launch is located within the Deschutes River mouth.

The schedule for power boat closures is posted on the Oregon State Marine Board web site.


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Spey casting out of a pontoon boat..... Man I'd pay to see that!
Me to, don't think you can spey cast very well from a pontoon boat or any other small craft, but I have been wrong before.
Thank you, again, everyone. But a couple of quick clarifications:

I am using a pontoon boat, not a float tube, and I will be wading while casting, not floating.


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