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M.F. Steel Diamond
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Here are some flies I tied for the Grande Ronde that never made it to the river.

The top 4 rows are Steelhead Sparrows, fashioned after the Jack Gartside Sparrow, tied on size 9 and 7 AJ Steelhead Irons, purple, orange, and ginger.

The next set are some Grizzly Skaters, tied on a down-eye hook so as your line is pulling it down into the surface film, the foam ramp keeps it riding up, tied with hair extension quality grizzly hackle so they're nice and light and you can cast 'em across the Clearwater, just add your favorite floatant and go (I like that Flyagra stuff).

The bottom row are unnamed, but feature a parachute hackle around the base of the wing, these things wake nicely.

There are 2 dozen all told.
$50 and I'll ship em for free within the U.S. Paypal only.


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