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Fishing: What casts?

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I'm very new to fishing with a two-handed rod. I'm curious to know what casts you use the most when fishing? My knowledge is limited. I'm guessing that things like belly length and line type matter. I've been told (and read, and taught) that factors like the side of the river you are on and the direction of the wind make a difference.

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Way, Sean, Sinktip: Thank you for the helpful information.

I'm trying to learn to cast right hand up and left hand up. Also, I've been reviewing Dana's videos quite often. So far, for me, watching the video and then visualizing what the line needs to do during the cast has helped me. Also, I've found that experimenting has lead me to several breakthroughs.

Also, I wouldn't have made it this far without a heck of a lot of help from River Run Anglers crew.
I didn't mean to start trouble! I was lucky enough to catch the Speydays last weekend. Awesome. I saw Dana, Juro, Nobuo, and Ed Ward. I know how lucky I am to witness and learn from these experts. I have also been able to have the expert help from Aaron R., Mike Kinney, and Brian Styskal. (The last three are probably getting tired of my "style" of casting and all the questions :chuckle: )

Well, here's an update:

I borrowed a CND Solstice 13'4" and a Rio Midspey 6/7 from speybum last Saturday. I was alternating double speys and circle casts. I was on the the last few feet of swing before the hang down... BANG! Even though no one was around I said out loud: "NO WAY!"

I'm still laughing. My first steelhead on a two-hander! It was a 5/6 pound hatchery buck. I'm still on Cloud 9.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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