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Fishing: What casts?

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I'm very new to fishing with a two-handed rod. I'm curious to know what casts you use the most when fishing? My knowledge is limited. I'm guessing that things like belly length and line type matter. I've been told (and read, and taught) that factors like the side of the river you are on and the direction of the wind make a difference.

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Hello Brent:

I'd suggest learning the Circle cast as a dependable upriver anchor cast (use when the wind is blowing upstream), and the Snake Roll as a downstream anchor cast (when the wind is blowing down river). I'd actually recommend you start with a mid-length belly line (65-75 feet), as you won't groove into any difficult to break casting habits which frequently occur if all you cast is a short belly line.

With these two casts, you will be able to reliably fish just about anywhere, with just about any gear, floating line, sink tip, anything...

Dana has some great video and instructional stuff on his Spey Pages. There is a wealth of knowledge "on tap" from members of this Board as well, who will be happy to give as much advice as you can handle!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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