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Fishing: What casts?

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I'm very new to fishing with a two-handed rod. I'm curious to know what casts you use the most when fishing? My knowledge is limited. I'm guessing that things like belly length and line type matter. I've been told (and read, and taught) that factors like the side of the river you are on and the direction of the wind make a difference.

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Scotty hits the cast beatifully

Just like to support the writing of Scott O'Donnell. Learning to cast with a shorter belly line is more easy since you load the rod with an eassier to control lenght of line to get a good feeling for the combination and casts. If you want to fish with a longer line, it usally comes to adjusting your timing to the slower (longer) movements of the longer line. I don't see any problems coming out of teaching with a short belly line. I personally do think that most fishing situations (for both Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead) are much more comfortable coverred with a belly/ head that is between 35 and 50' long (lets say 14' rod + 20'-40' running line (to strip in/ shoot out) + 40' head + 6'- 10' leader = 82' - 102' lenghts of line out (Thats for steelheadfishing on the Skeena system quite a bit, I ctch most of my fish between 25' and 60' distance). In this excample you only have to strip in (after each cast) some 20' -40' feet of line (takes two to three seconds, thats as much of time to straighten out and load a long belly line.....) . So if you want to fish practically and in an easy an effective way take the Scandic heads or short belly fly lines.
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