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Fishing: What casts?

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I'm very new to fishing with a two-handed rod. I'm curious to know what casts you use the most when fishing? My knowledge is limited. I'm guessing that things like belly length and line type matter. I've been told (and read, and taught) that factors like the side of the river you are on and the direction of the wind make a difference.

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I can only speak to my own experiences. I am way too new at this to tell others how to go about it.

I started with a MS with tips and was muddling through but couldn't quite get my casting where I wanted it. I had the long term goal of fishing GS and XLT simply because I enjoyed the idea (I still hope to do this). Last year I was on the Deschutes and spent some time at the Fly Fishing Shop in Wellches and did casting lessons with Amy Hazel. Both sources steered me towards WC and Delta lines. My casting has improved considerably. Now, I realize it may have more to do with having some good instruction than changing lines, but I certainly find the WC easier to cast. I have gone back and played with my MS lines that I still have and I cast those better now also. This summer I am hoping to work on refining my cast once there aren't many fish to chase.

The short of it is I found it easier to learn on and get to a competent level of fishing on th WC. I'll let you know how I do once I try to move up to the GS and XLT.


By the way, as far as casts are concerned, I do most of my fishing with the DS, Circle, Reverse Circle, and Reverse Double. In my humble opinion if you can double spey and circle spey and then do them off the opposite shoulder you can fish anywhere. However, I am really trying to master my single spey.

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