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Fishing: What casts?

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I'm very new to fishing with a two-handed rod. I'm curious to know what casts you use the most when fishing? My knowledge is limited. I'm guessing that things like belly length and line type matter. I've been told (and read, and taught) that factors like the side of the river you are on and the direction of the wind make a difference.

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Not to change the subject but since Dana, Juro and Scott are present I'd like to point out to Brent that he is talking to some of the top casters on the planet (Way too for sure) albeit from 2 different camps. I had the pleasure to watch all three at Spey Days last Sunday. IMO, throwing the mid length lines is a joy both from an artsy standpoint and it reduces stripping to a minimum. Most pleasurable (almost addictive) and pretty versatile. Juro, I was particularly smitten with your casting, very sweeeet. Would like to know what line that was. I have the CND Skagit also, minus the talent.
That said, I've been interested in the Skagit buzz and picked up the new Rio line last Friday at Kaufmanns. Around here (NW) sink tips are almost mandatory for 2 or 3 seasons of the year. I've been playing with this each day and am now quite certain nothing throws tips as well (or easy) as a Skagit line. A hot knife in butter. I would guess that getting from zero to catching fish would be quickest too since the timing is not as crucial as when throwing long bellies.
I love casting mid length (65'ish) and double taper lines (Summer, Fall and when conditions allow) but for Winter/Spring around here I'd vote Skagit as the more useful tool.
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Brent - to quote Mushu "You are a ludky bug!"

Juro - Apparently I mistook the Steelhead for the Skagit. So that was a Carron Jetstream. While distance often is a goal, I always pay attention when a line unroles horizontally then drops like a leaf. Very classy. I know steelhead aren't usually that picky but it turns my crank.
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