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Hello, friends and senior anglers.
I have been troubled to fish the chum in still water.
Although water flows little, There is nearly no current because the place I fish is brackish water near sea, moreover when the wind blows upstream, the line even flows to upstream...
I could look at not small number of chums, they never take the fly...

And I felt that spey casting may not be effective in still water because after casting, no current make line slack and it requires much more casting repeatedly after each presentation so I think it even more scares the fish...
Is My thinking right?

If you happen to know effective method to fish the chum and to spey cast in these place which have nearly no current, woud you advise me your experience and method?
And also I will thank you to let me advice its effective fly patterns and attractive colors to chum.
Thank you.


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Hi, loophitech,

Thank you so much for your kind advice.

Yes, as you said, there is where the tide is go out, but we can't fish there because there is off limit area.
So we have to fish at litte upstream area where stillwater is and in more uptream, although there is little more current, chum is not there in term when we are allowed to fish the chum.
My anxiety is here...

So I am in condition which I have to meet the chum in deadly still water.
And actually wind made the line to be swung and drifted to upstream, so, as you said, I had tried to use it and I could feel little similar tension just like normal downstream swing.
However I don't know which is problem, chum had never take the fly...

And I wonder my problem is in fly color because I didn't use the chartreuse color though I had tried to use various fly.
After all, sometimes I used to strip the fly when even wind was not blowing, I think maybe it will be the only one way to meet the chum in still water...
In fly material, I think that the softer material such as marabou, hen hackle, spey hackle may be better than the stiffer materials such as buck tail, and so on in stillwater, though its material's usage is different...
How do you think about it?

And I had ever seen the angler who use the poper and catch sockeye in stillwater in video, I wonder it will be the method for chum in stillwater.
If you happen to have experiance which take effect in still water for even striper or any fish, let me advise your experiance.
Thanks again,

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