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First Nations land dispute

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Has the land dispute that is going on at the moment on the Skeena system affected any access points to fishing holes in any rivers in the disputed region ?
I am up in Smithers end of September and plan mainly to fish on the Bulkley and possibly 2 3 days on the Kispiox. I do understand the waters that are in the disputed region, however has anyone fished in this region in last couple of weeks had any problems on the water, or getting to the water. There is couple of runs just below Moricetown that I normally fish, Im wondering if it will be ok leaving the car and fishing the water.

Im travelling a long way to get to BC, would hate to go to all the expense, then find I am walking into a heavy dispute, and have very little water to fish, crowded with disgruntled fishermen stressing to get into the pools.
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Gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme....where does it ever end with these people.Gimme a free house,gimme a check every month for doing absolutely nothing aside from being born,gimme a million dollars because my grandmother was allegedly abused as a schoolgirl,gimme all of the benefits of being Canadian with none of the responsibilities of working for a living or paying taxes,gimme a free education so I can become a lawyer and fight for even more freebies.....when is our government and/or hardworking,taxpaying Canadians gonna grow a pair and say enough is enough?Personally,I'm sick of apologizing and paying for sheet that happened 200 years ago!:roll:

...and before anyone gets there panties in a knot and screams racist,riddle me this??
What do you call it when a collective group of people representing 3%(?) of a population enjoy special benefits,privelages,and...ahem...."rights",based SOLELY on the bloodline that they were born into?
If that's not THE definition of racism and discrimination,then I don't know what is?
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