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First Nations land dispute

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Has the land dispute that is going on at the moment on the Skeena system affected any access points to fishing holes in any rivers in the disputed region ?
I am up in Smithers end of September and plan mainly to fish on the Bulkley and possibly 2 3 days on the Kispiox. I do understand the waters that are in the disputed region, however has anyone fished in this region in last couple of weeks had any problems on the water, or getting to the water. There is couple of runs just below Moricetown that I normally fish, Im wondering if it will be ok leaving the car and fishing the water.

Im travelling a long way to get to BC, would hate to go to all the expense, then find I am walking into a heavy dispute, and have very little water to fish, crowded with disgruntled fishermen stressing to get into the pools.
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Do rental car insurance policies cover vandalism?

Without a lot of facts to go on, the ways in which FN can seek to enforce a ban include physical confrontation (I've read of one instance in which a Kispiox angler was shown a gun as an inducement to leave disputed water), blocked road access (e.g. felled trees) and vandalized vehicles.

Does anyone know whether the rental car companies (National comes to mind) are going to cover vandalism via their various insurance options?

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I'm hoping it gets sorted out. The most recent newspaper article with the "50 year good run is over" wasn't encouraging.
I guess everyone's grandma was a card shark

WD: thanks for the Avis and Budget info. I need to check with National in Smithers

16 Sep feels like a big day

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Grandma Bessie used to take nickels and dimes off the little people with disturbing regularity. It was only after she passed and we were going through her personal belongings that we realized she was a card mechanic in her youth. (She also left $10,153.35 in quarters, dimes and nickels under her bed.)
FN issue seems to not be an issue at all

I know it's late in the season and the rivers are out, but if anyone's thinking of heading up there's no issue with the First Nations re barricades, boycotts or anything of the like. Pay your money on the reservation and go fishing. Or go elsewhere and pay your $21/ day (or $42/ day).

Lots of fish this year, so if you get a cold snap it could be golden.
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